Four Things to Know About Buying Used at LaFontaine Family Deal Direct Ann Arbor

One of the biggest decisions to make when buying a car is whether to purchase brand new or used. If you landed here, chances are you’re wanting to know the ins and outs of buying used cars.

That’s why we’re here to share some tips for when you’re perusing the lot at LaFontaine Family Deal Direct Ann Arbor. Come into our dealership today to get an up-close look at the selection!

1. Research Models and Pricing

Before buying a vehicle, it’s important to know which models, specs, and features are most appealing to you. Knowing the price range of the vehicle you’re wanting to buy is important as well.


Look into what it costs brand new and what it goes for used at other locations to help you know whether or not you’re paying what you should for your used vehicle. After you make the purchase, you can use our online payment calculator so that you can instantly start budgeting for your monthly payments.

2. Pre-owned Vehicles can be a Great Investment and Easily Resold

Unlike new cars that lose value the second they’re driven off the lot, a pre-owned car will retain its value for much longer. They can alsoeventually be resold for a similar price especially if you keep up with regular vehicle maintenance.


Once you’re ready to resell, you can value your trade at LaFontaine Family Deal Direct Ann Arbor and have us take it off your hands.


3. Ask about Vehicle History Reports

It’s natural to be a little skeptical about buying a used car not knowing how the previous owner treated it. That makes things like Carfax vehicle reports great options for people who may have some hesitations buying used. They give a detailed history of any repairs and maintenance made on the car you’re looking to purchase.

4. Consider Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

The cream of the crop of our used inventory are the Certified Pre-Owned vehicles at LaFontaine Family Deal Direct Ann Arbor. These vehicles are guaranteed to have special mileage and year maximums, rigorous inspections, and top-notch warranties that make them nearly as good as new. The only thing they’ll be missing is the new car smell, but they have air fresheners for that.


Come into LaFontaine Family Deal Direct Ann Arbor today with any lingering questions you may have about different models and the purchasing process. We’re here to help!