Tips for Extending the Life of your Used Car

There are lots of benefits to buying a used car. From the upfront savings to reducing your environmental impact, owning a car that was “previously loved” can be a fantastic decision.

We here at LaFontaine Family Deal Direct Ann Arbor want nothing more than to see your used vehicle work as well as if it were new. That’s why we’re here to share our top five tips for extending the life of your used car.

1. Keep up with Regular Maintenance

Consistent oil changes can take you a long way. So can everything from tire rotations to brake pad replacements to inspections.

Think of it like taking your car to the doctor for a check-up. Maintenance can sometimes feel like a hassle but keeping up with the services you need the most by putting them in your calendar is the best way to ensure your engine and car stay healthy.

2. Avoid Exposing your Car to Extreme Weather

Extra hot days or sub-zero nights can do a number on your car parts. The metal contracts and expands depending on the temperature. If you’re able to, protect your car during these conditions by parking it in a garage or some other area with regulated temperatures.

3. Check on the Tires

It can be easy to forget about checking the tires but testing aspects like the tire pressure and treading is essential for keeping you moving forward. Need to save for these services? LaFontaine Family Deal Direct Ann Arbor provides you with a car payment calculator so that you can calculate your monthly payments and start budgeting before you even step foot inside our dealership.

4. Go for a (Quick) Drive

Running the engine is important for keeping it working. Make sure to start the car and give it at least a short drive every few days.

5. Drive carefully

It may seem obvious, but forceful starts and stops, unnecessarily fast driving, and going over too many bumps can add wear and tear to the vehicle. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but simply being mindful can help in the long run!

If you’re still looking for the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle, we’ve got a wide selection of used car specials for you to choose from. Once you’ve found “The One,” LaFontaine Family Deal Direct Ann Arbor also makes it easy for you to apply for financing right online. Come into our dealership today with any further questions!